Conformity assessment - GADSL

The GADSL-list (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List) is maintained by the automobile industry and its suppliers. This list includes substances that are labelled either as “D” (declarable) or as “P” (prohibited) and is annually updated. It provides a simplified communication between the manufacturers and suppliers. The list contains i.e. all substances from the end-of-life directive 2000/53/EG and overlap in a wide range with the SVHC-list (see REACH) and the list of substance restrictions in accordance with RoHS.

The limit value for the GADSL-substances amounts to 0,1 % weight by weight (unless indicated otherwise) and refers to the homogenous material, not to an individual or an entire component.

We offer the following services:

  • the crushing of assemblies in homogenous materials
  • Testing of homogenous materials or entire assemblies for GADSL-substances
  • Quantification of detected substances