Cleanliness – surface contaminations / filmy soiling

Apart from the particles, filmy contaminations, or watery or rather organic surface contaminations on components play an important role as well. During their production, the components often undergo several (in part complex) procedures. In the process production auxiliary materials are used, for example, punching or drawing oil, fats, mould separating agents, cooling emulsions, passivations. They often cannot be completely removed in the following cleaning phases. If they remain on the components, a chemical or mechanical impairment is possible.

Procedure: soluble and insoluble residues are extracted with an appropriate solvent (organic or watery). Insoluble particles in the extract are filtered out. The remaining residue can be examined gravimetrically with the aid of IR-spectroscopy or GC-MS.

We analyse on your components:

  • Surface contaminations
  • Filmy soiling
  • Silicone residues (verification of the absence of silicone)
  • Surface tensions via testing in or DSA (Drop Shape Analysis)