Failure analysis

Malfunctions in assemblies or products can occur in various stages of a lifetime:

  • In the prototype stage
  • During the development of series production
  • During the production
  • After the delivery

Depending on the product, already few malfunctioning units can cause high costs as a result of process changes, revalidation measures or claims of recourse. Many times there are only a few malfunctioning components available for analysis and the situation is time-sensitive. The failure mechanism on these components has to be localised and clarified through calculated analyses of the errors. With our long-term experience and extensive equipment, we assist you with the examination of malfunctioning components.

Reference examples:

  • Corrosion damages on metal casings
  • Leakage problems on adhesive bonding joints
  • Glue delamination
  • Examination of contacts
  • Examination of residues and comparison with reference substances
  • Detection of production errors