Failure analysis - Adhesion problems

Adhesion and gluing difficulties are frequently the reason for complaints and malfunctions on assemblies or products. The reasons for this are among others based on insufficient cleaning of residues on surfaces, incompatibility of materials, thermal or mechanical (over)load or the influence of detrimental chemicals (for example solvents). Adhesion issues are often caused by small, sometimes not straight away recognisable modifications of the working materials or modifications of the manufacturing.

With our extensive experience, we assist you with the detection of adhesion problems.


Our speciality areas include i.e.:

  • Examination of adhesives, gap-fillers and heat-conducting pastes on components, pressure casting and plastics
  • Evaluation of cleanliness of the to be glued surfaces
  • Comparison of materials due to formula changes
  • Examination of coating problems (for instance paint layers, galvanic layers