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Cleanliness – particle analyses

Analysis of component cleanliness provides information about the number, size and reflection characteristics of particles.

Following complementary examinations of particles are possible in our laboratory.

  • FTIR-spectroscopy of organic particles (for example plastics, cardboard, fibres)
  • Raster electron microscopy (SEM) or rather energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) of metallic particles
  • Three-dimensional depiction of particles in a digital microscope

A comparison with our comprehensive spectra library follows subsequently. With these analyses, the origin of the particles can often be clarified by also scrutinising the materials of the components as a reference sample. This is especially important during the development stage of the components or the manufacture-accompanying cleaning procedures, viz. an introduction of particles in a facility or machine can be located through an allocation of the particles to the corresponding materials or operating materials.