Failure analysis – creation of grindings

The creation of cross-grindings may be necessary if damages cannot be perceived on the surface but are located on the inside of a working material or component. We provide in our laboratory both the metallographic and the cross-grindings of many different materials and combinations of materials.

The examination of cross-grindings can in our laboratory be achieved via both the optical and the scanning electron microscope. A coating of the cross-grindings with gold or graphite is optionally possible to improve the quality of the pictures in the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Because of the low vacuum option of our device, the coating of non-conductive samples is not absolutely necessary.

Typical applications for cross-grindings are:

  • Assessment of electronic components after climatic tests
  • Assessment of solder connections (wetting, cracks, cavity)
  • Assessment of bond connections
  • Measurement of layer thicknesses
  • Examination of adhesive joints (bumps, air holes)