Material analysis – layer structure

Nowadays, high quality requirements are imposed on metals and alloys. They often only reach these desired properties through further refinement. Especially in the electrical and electronics industry contact reliability and corrosion resistance are guaranteed by electroplated layers. But pure and noble metals are often expensive and therefore the manufacturers try to produce a minimum layer thickness in the finishing.

We assist you with the determination of layer compositions, the measurement of layer thicknesses and testing for eventual imperfections.

Typically occurring problems are:

  • Preparation of grindings
  • Determination of the layer structure (for example of boards, pins)
  • Determination of the layer thickness (for example of contacts)
  • Examination of surface changes (for example chlorination of gaskets)
  • Evaluation of joints
  • Evaluation of the structure of metallic materials (for instance manufacturing defects, hydrogen embrittlement)

We will be pleased to advise you on the individual analysis regarding your problem.