Failure analysis - impurities and residues

Residues, impurities on the surface or inclusions in the product are frequently a problem during the production. In order to further optimise the processes or to detect errors in the manufacturing, we examine your problem-causing product. We dispose of cutting-edge analysis equipment for identification of possible impurities.

Common problems are:

  • Particulate impurities (for example plastic particles, dirt)
  • Filmic organic surface contaminations (for instance oils, fats, cleaning and fluxing agents)
  • Metallic surface contaminations (for instance through contaminated galvanic baths)
  • Inclusions in plastics (for example unevenly distributed filling material, metal particles, foreign plastic)
  • Coating problems caused by surface contamination (for instance peeling paint)
  • Discolourations of products (for example oxidation processes)
  • Residues as subsequent products (for example silicon sedimentation of silicone greases or rather working materials)
  • Adhesion problems through foreign substances on the surface (for instance malfunctioning adhesions)
  • Efflorescence on the surface