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Sample preparation:

Analytik Aurachtal GmbH disposes of a very well, technically equipped sample preparation. Besides the standard laboratory devices like rotary evaporator, distillation apparatuses, and muffle furnace, we dispose of the following special devices:

Mills/grinding tools:

Fragmentation of solid materials is necessary if the material exhibits too large granulation for the analysis, for example via RFA, GC-MS or IC.

We have a cutting mill for grinding of large sample quantities of difficult matrix (for instance glass fibre reinforced boards).

For smaller sample amounts we use a centrifugal mill or a vibration mill. The vibration mill can also be used for samples that require a cryogenic grinding (cooling with liquid nitrogen), for example for electronic components made of plastic.

Climatic chambers:

We dispose of various drying and climatic chamber in different sizes. They can maintain a working temperature from 30 to 250°C. Relative humidity between 30 and 90% can be adjusted for climatic testing.

Microwave digestion unit:

Solid samples have to be transferred into an aqueous form for further analysis via ICP-OES. Hereby the materials are treated with acid and put into a microwave digestion unit.

Analytical sieve machine:

The analytical sieve machine is equipped with up to five sieve-bottom-combinations with a device range of 63 µm. The main application is sieving of dust for the extraction of particulate matter for further analysis.

Pressure cleaning chamber:

The Contamination Test Unit 1000 is a testing facility for determination of surface cleanliness of components in a closed pressure cleaning chamber. After inserting the components into the testing room the samples will be held via protective gloves and be washed. The cleaning agent will be run in circulation by pressure and negative pressure and continuously be filtrated by 3 µm filter cartridges. The spraying cleaning is executed by a nozzle. The extract comes through a membrane or a mains filter with a 47 mm diameter. Through the following determination of the kind, size and quantity of the particulate contamination on this filter via dhs-Cleanalyzer©, quality standards of components can be verified, documented and necessary improvement actions can be put into action.