Indoor pollutants

As a specialised service laboratory we offer investigations of indoor pollutants for industry, business, bureaus, lounges as well as residual buildings and appartments. Our laboratory is certified for sampling and analysis of indoor pollutants in air, dust and material. We offer the complete analyses including sampling (with on-site inspection) as well as support and analyses for consulting engineers, building biologists and other persons in indoor pollutants operation areas. With our long-term experience we support you concerning the analytical range and necessary sampling.
Our experts for pollutant analyses (Bernhard Nitschke) and indoor pollutants (Dr. Thomas Wirkner) will assist you with your request.

Pollutant related problems

Nowadays we predominantly reside in buildings: at home, on the job or leisure activities. The following discomfort and disorders can result from rooms we reside:

We will be happy to advise you about a reasonable quality and quantity of analyses.