The laboratory was founded in the year 1992 by Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Nitschke named

Labor für Umweltanalytik

Bernhard Nitschke

Aurachtal - Falkendorf

as a service laboratory with a focus on soil analyses, remediation of contaminated sites, analysis of sewage sludge (since 1994) and indoor pollutants. In 1998 the laboratory was AQS-certified for water analyses by the bavarian LfU. Increasing staff and demand resulted in a shortage of room. In order to satisfy the quality standards of our rising number of customers we decided to expand our laboratory.

The new and own laboratory building in the Aurachtal industrial estate was built in June 2000. With this new location and an extended range of services the laboratory was renamed to

Because of an increasing demand for industrial analytical services a reorientation concerning our services was performed in the year 2006. The sections sewing sludge, microbiology and drinking water analysis was removed from our certification. The new focus lies on services concerning surface examination, quality control of assembled devices, indoor pollutant analyses and supervision of relics.

In spring 2008 the laboratory building was extended in order to get room for a scanning electron microscope, a HPLC and a computer supported contamination test unit.

One of our main principles is to keep the equipment up-to-date in order to fulfil the increasing requests to quality and analysis.

With our specialised knowledge an a new logo we put our efforts into the service of our customers.