Terms and conditions, certificates:

 Terms and conditions
 Accreditation certificate DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005  (valid until 06.04.2014)
 AQS-Certificat (valid until 31.12.2009)
 Certificate of appointment Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Nitschke
 Certificate of appointment Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Wirkner

Cleanliness determination:

 Clarification list (german version)
 Clarification list (english version)
 Example report (german)

indoor analyses:

 Information folder, sampling manuals, Certificates of appointment (complete)
 Information folder without sampling manuals
 Log list for sampling
 Sampling manuals (complete)
 Sampling manual: volatile organic substances (air)
 Sampling manual: aldehydes incl. formaldehyde (air)
 Sampling manual: biocides/low-volatile organic substances (air)
 Sampling manual: spores (air)
 Sampling manual: asbestos and fibres (air)
 Sampling manual: dust samples
 Sampling manual: material samples
 Sampling manual: spores (material)
 Sampling manual: material on adhesive film
 Sampling manual: water analyses
 Sampling manual: fibres (asbestos and man-made mineral fibres

Analyses for REACH, RoHS and GADSL:

 RoHS sample evaluation
 SVHC sample list